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New Releases

Blitzen's Savior (Reindeer Games 2)

Masquerading as a young male, keeping to herself and not speaking to anyone, is the only way Alera Darktear has been able to survive in the Outer Plains—the wasteland between North Pole City and the Drow stronghold . But when Blitzen Hightower, a reindeer shifter and one of Santiero Claus' personal guards, literally falls out of the sky, everything changes. This dangerously sexy shifter makes her want more than the barren cold and loneliness she's grown accustomed to. He teaches her about desire, need and what it means to be owned by a male, but their time together is finite. Isn't it?

The female who saves him after he's felled during an attack isn't what Blitz expects to find in the frozen Outer Plains. Alera defies all stereotypes he and his fellow Tactical Force members believe about their enemies. Her kindness, her generosity—with her home, her supplies and her body—weaken his resolve to keep their interaction strictly about sex. Not even warnings from his brooding older brother can tame the feelings he develops for this female. Danger stalks them from several directions and it'll take an act of betrayal before Blitz realizes he'll risk everything for this amber-eyed beauty. 

Kiss Chase (A Crushes to Cravings Tale 3)

Falling for Hyde Parker was easy to do—Ava Boudreaux managed that feat before the second grade—but making him see her as more than a friend seems next to impossible. Desperate to start a new life somewhere Hyde-free, Ava is on the verge of accepting a job in a new city when the opportunity of a lifetime falls into her lap. It’ll mean staying in Grand Terre and using every ounce of willpower she has to keep from making a fool of herself over Hyde. Hard enough to do when they live in the same town, how’s she going to manage when they work together?


Chasing and kissing Ava was a lot easier when they were in grade school. Back then all he had to do was run and tackle. Now that’s considered stalking and assault, leaving Hyde needing more subtle means of showing her how much he loves her. Being her protector, watching from afar and hoping that one day their relationship statuses would match up hasn’t worked well so far. Now Hyde knows it’s time to step up his game before he loses Ava for good.


It’ll take some maneuvering, a little manipulation and lots of scorching hot kisses to bring this extended game of Kiss Chase to an end.